Serxhio Prelashi was born on June 9, 1987 in the city of Elbasan, Albania.

He received his early studies in the Middle School “Ali Agjahu”, and later on he attended the Institute of Foreign Languages “Mahmud & Ali Cungu”. Since very early on, different teachers notice in Serxhio an explosive talent in the area of creativity and arts which is reflected through his participation in almost every activity and his desire to try everything. Music, acting and sports were Serxhio’s starting point in the field of arts, a very impressive start when even though 7 years old, Serxhio begins to play the beautiful sport of basketball, sport that was played in his immediate and extended family for a few generations and it was now a tradition worth continuing.

Serxhio’s formation and talent becomes even more impressive when he starts to attend the Institute of Foreign Languages. It was in this institute that his name starts to become a household name in Elbasan. By participating for the first time in the artistic marathon of the city, Serxhio receives the price for the best presenter at only 15 years of age. It was these marathons that made Serxhio known as an actor, producer, comedian, singer, dancer, presenter, and director.

In the midst of this artistic inspiration for almost every day, Serxhio discovered another talent, that of the poetic writing. Serxhio’s poems left very impressive emotions on every person that would read them while they appreciated them by stating that Serxhio is going to be a great poet.

Serxhio received his undergraduate studies at “Alexandër Xhuvani” University with a major in French, time during which he continued to pursue art. Exactly when everyone was more than sure that Serxhio would become a great poet, he surprises by publishing the first time in Albania a research-study book and by becoming the only author of this literary genre in Albania. What surprised even more the critics was when they found out that Serxhio had been working for 5 years to realize the book “The Untold of Titanic”, a book that breaks immediately the literary taboos in Albania and is well received by the remaining critics.

At the time when most of the public thought that Serxhio’s book was just a euphoric fruit and that it would not be followed by other books, Serxhio exploded by publishing his second book, “The Hidden Truths”, a book that revolutionizes the way of writing and reading.

Both books, “The Untold of Titanic” and “The Hidden Truths”, become very well known in all of Albania and Serxhio Prelashi earns the stimulus of a writer that promises a lot by being included also in the books of literary readings as one of the best modern authors.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Serxhio moves to France where he continues his graduate studies in the field of law. During this time he discovers another talent he had, that of the design. In a very short time he creates his first perfume named: S.P The Fragrance of Serxhio Prelashi and this way becoming the only Albanian in the world that creates a perfume.

Today Serxhio Prelashi is an intriguing writer with knowledge in many areas.

After many years in France and in USA, Serxhio returns to Albania with great ideas, plans and projects.